Conference of Building Bridges Through Technology and Distance Education

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Research Title: 
The Teacher’s Role (Competencies) at Distance Education – The Internet Age
Darwazeh, A. N.
Thu, 1999-06-10
Research Abstract: 
The aim of this article is to present the teacher’s role when delivering instruction via distance education.  When designing instruction for distance education, incorporation of the following four broad areas of competencies will enhance students achievements, hence, lead to their success:  1) Instructional designer competencies, 2) using technology competencies, 3) encouraging students’ interaction competencies, and 4) promoting students’ self-regulation competencies.
What characterizes the teacher’s role at distance education is mainly the adaptation of the instructional designer’s role, which focuses on planning instruction and using technology in the teaching process. In addition, it focuses on encouraging students to get involved in the instructional process, and become generative as well as self-regulated learners.