Title Journal Title, Volume, Page Full Text Year of Publicationsort icon
Development of Palestinian Human Resource Arab Economists Association 1996
The Economy of Palestinian Construction and Building Sector Reconstruction of Palestine, Union Studies Center, PECDAR 1997
The Role of Arab University Education in Industrial Development Union of Arab University, 1997 1997
Investment Environment in Palestine Arab Industrial Development And Mining Organization 1999
Palestinian Medium-term Employment Strategy ILO, Palestinian Ministry of Labor, Ramalla, 1999 1999
Employment and Unemployment in Palestine Arab Labour Organization, Cairo, July 1999 1999
Palestinian Emergency Employment Plan.ILO Ministry of Labor,Ramallah 2001
Impact of Government Spending on Economic Development in the Palestinian Teritorries Center for Palestine Research and Studies (CPRS), Nablus , January 2003 2003
Book Review "Globalization and its Discontents" by Joseph Stiglitz 2003 Journal of Development and Economic Policies, volume 7 Nr. 2, June 2005, Arab Planning Institute, Kuwait   2005
Future Prospects of Palestinian Laborers in Israel Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS), Ramallah 2006
The Status of Decent Work in the Palestinian Territories Palestinian National Authority, Ministry of Labor, Ramallah 2011
The Central Role of Jerusalem in the Palestinian Economy and Future State Palestinian Institute for Economic Policy, MAS, Ramallah 2011
Macro Economic Development Indicators in the OPT Annual Economic Report 2011, Palestinian Economic Development Council (PECDAR) 2012
Economic Development Obstacles and Constraints in the OPT Annual Economic Report 2011, Palestinian Economic Development Council (PECDAR) 2012
Macroeconomic Development Indicators, Unemployment, Poverty and Income Distribution in Palestine Annual Economic Report 2012, Palestinian Development Council (PECDAR) 2012