Control Scheme of Energy Storage Power Converter for Active and Reactive Power Balancing in Grid Connected PV Micro-Grids

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American Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems,5,28-34
Year of Publication: 
Moien Omar
Current Affiliation: 
Electrical Engineering Department, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
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Micro-Grid (MG) is a small-scale power network associated with Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Energy Storage System (ESS) and local critical loads. MGs can either be connected to the main grid or operate stand-alone. Due to variable nature of RES such as Photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, ESS become necessary to maintain reliability of power supply to critical loads during islanded mode. During grid connected mode, ESS is used to support the grid or MG depending on the grid operator and energy management functions. On the other hand, the power converters interfaced ESS can be used to provide additional services to the main grid, such as reactive power and unbalanced compensation. This paper presents a control strategy for an Energy Storage Power Converter (ESPC) in MGs, in order to mitigate the negative effects of grid connected MGs working with highly unbalanced operation and poor power factor conditions. Simulation results have been carried out by using Matlab – Simulink software to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.