The Nursing Homes Structure and the Prevalence of Falling Down Among Old Adults in Three of Nursing Homes in Palestine

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Scientific Cooperations , VOLUME ISBN: 978-605-86637-2-5 , ISSUE NO ISBN: 978-605-86637-2-5 , PP null (2014/2015) .
Rasmieh N.S. Anabtawi
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Lecturer, Nursing Department/Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences
Jamal A.S. Qaddumi
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Assistant Professor, Nursing Department/ Faculty of medicine and health sciences
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Background: Fall is a sudden, unintentional change in position causing an individual to land at a lower level.

Aim: This study will find out the relationship between the nursing home structure and prevalence of falling

down in nursing homes.

Method: Face to face Questionnaire for collecting information has been conducted after survey some previous

studies dealing with the same subject.

Result: The highest percentage of falling down among the studied sample of old adults was related to

polypharmacology by proportion of 79.4%.

Conclusion: This study concludes that there is a high prevalence of injuries post falling down in the Palestinian

nursing homes. The most frequent falling down was related to polypharmacology by proportion of 79.4%.

Keywords: older adult, nursing home, physical disabilities, polypharmacology, head injury, bruises, soft tissue

injury, Dementia, osteoporosis.

Scientific Cooperations International Workshops on Medical Topics, Ankara-TURKEY, 7-8 June 2014


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