Optimum Design and Performance Analysis of a Proposed Palestinian Electrical Network

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Master Thesis
Year of Publication: 
Abdalla Nizar Husni Bustami
Current Affiliation: 
Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology, Nablus, Palestine
Preferred Abstract (Original): 
High voltage electrical transmission lines are important; as transmission lines are the main carrier of electrical energy, to all types of society residential, commercial, and industrial activities. Many scenarios for the location of the connection point to the external grid, and many configurations for each scenario are considered. The selected optimum network has minimum total annual cost. This network functioned successfully under several conditions like minimum load, post fault, and future increased loads, for which load flow studies were performed to check the technical performance of the network under these conditions. In this thesis we have successfully designed an integrated electrical network with standard voltages, low power losses, high quality electrical energy, high reliability, source diversity, good voltage level, and low transmission cost. This well integrated network allows for future connection to the seven Arab country grid, and eventually supplies end users with low cost electrical energy.